The Marshall House - Grandagarður 20 - 101, Reykjavík


p. +354-771-8010 


Owner / Director

Ásdís Þula Þorláksdóttir


Associate Director

Valdemar Árni Guðmundsson


Gallery Assistant

Maria-Carmela Raso


*For inquiries please contact us here or visit at location.




Þula is a commercial gallery space, representing and exhibiting a selection of established and emerging contemporary artists, bringing the latest currents in the Icelandic artworld to a local and international platform. It strives to not only bring together its surrounding community through the language of art but to create a dialogue between cultures, introduce new narratives and blur borders. The gallery was originally founded in 2013 by the name of Hverfisgallerí, taking the name Þula in 2023.