Kristín Morthens: Gegnumtrekkur

6 - 28 March 2021

In this body of works, Kristín explores narrative tradition, timelessness, paradoxes, and risks. She does this through paintings that show ecosystems of organic forms with sharp claws in chaotic spaces and landscapes. The forms either sink/float, stretch, pull on and poke, either through a dialogue with themselves or towards each other. The title of the exhibition “Gegnumtrekkur” referencing Bernoulli‘s Principle, is a metaphor for a journey from one world to another. The so called window whistle is a result of natural forces that is an everyday occurrence in life. There for the artist takes something so common and possibly innocent from physics, but expands it into more complex phenomena such as dimensional wandering or a journey between realities. In a text based on the paintings, she writes, "I open two windows in a house. The struggle of two currents of air against the uneven pressure sucks me out through the small opening of the first window opened". Following this moment, the narrator travels into a preceded reality, which is embedded in the narrative of the works.

Installation Views